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I'm your one stop shop for your Web Marketing needs.

Thank you for visiting konadesignstudio.com, the online portfolio of Cathy Harp. I'm a professional web designer residing in San Diego, CA, but have worked with clients all over the country and internationally. After 10+ years of experience in this field, I've learned that less is better. Clean, simple and unique designs is what makes a good website because it's more user-friendly aesthetically and functionally.

My journey as a web designer began when I was hired to do web maintenance at a software company called Vicinity Corporation. Vicinity developed a mapping software that was eventually purchased by MicroSoft. I learned things quickly and soon progressed to front end development. After many years as a coder, it was when I landed a job at Einstein Industries that I realized my passion was in design. As a Senior Web Designer at Einstein Industries, I managed anywhere from 30-50 projects at a time and was able to keep all my clients happy by meeting deadlines and still providing a well constructed end product. Since I had a solid design background, good relations with our clients and staff, I was eventually promoted to be the Creative Director. In this position, I managed the design team and kept them abreast on the latest design trends. When the company reorganized and had to evolve with the economy, I went along for the ride and became the Web Project Manager. As a Web PM, I managed a team of designers, front end coders and technical writers.

As you can see, I have experience in all phases of web development and can help you reach your internet marketing goals. If you'd like to read more about my experience and skills please visit my About Me page or Contact me directly. A new website is currently under construction but you can find a small fraction of my past work on the Gallery page.

When I'm not working, I enjoy graphic designing, photography, traveling, cooking, hiking, camping, surfing, snowboarding, playing softball and golf.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!